Things Your Boss Expects You Know About Hotel Advertising

Posted on December 20, 2013

What are the common forms of hotel advertising?

Hotel advertising ideas refers to paid or unpaid promotion of any hotel, generally aimed to increase sales. The advertisements medium used can be television, newspaper, internet, radio, poster or other. There are a number of ways in which the hotel advertising is done. One of the most common forms of hotel advertising is newspaper advertising. This type of media is one of the oldest types of media communication.

There are a number of reasons why the newspaper advertising is preferred by hotels for advertising.

  • The first one is that it can take a wide layer of the population.
  • The other reasons are lower financial costs, the ability to precisely focus on the target group. The newspaper advertising is one of the first in the rankings trust advertisements. The reader can read the ad repeatedly.
Hotel Advertising Ideas

Hotel Advertising Ideas

Another important mode of hotel advertising is magazine. Magazines can be divided into specialized magazines, advertising periodicals and popular magazines. They are preferred by many hotels because they are having longer life than newspapers, greater creativity in advertising than newspapers, audience targeting and longer publication. Radio advertising is also used for hotel advertising slogans. People can get to know about the hotel in radio at the time when people wake up, traveling to school or to work. This information must therefore be made easily and be repeated several times.


The reasons for choosing it are that it is one of the cheapest advertising and it is focused on the target group. They have a specific group of listeners - common as age, lifestyle. With regional stations can be broadcast directly to a particular territory. It can transfer only through sound - the audience can not see the product or the service.
Hotel Advertising Slogans

Hotel Advertising Slogans

Television is another major mode of special hotel advertising today. This medium does not require any activity of the viewer. The advantage is especially the combination of auditory and visual options. This is preferred because of the meat coverage, the combination of auditory and visual means, the effect on the psyche of the viewer, creative possibilities of television, the high cost of creating advertising and its transmission, short time to reach – advertising spot takes about 30 seconds, switching to another ad program.

Special Hotel Advertising

Special Hotel Advertising

Today a huge number of hotels prefer hotel advertising through internet. This type of media is a combination of all kinds of media and supplementing them. Most important in this medium is the speed of transmission of the communication and timeliness. It’s about sharing information immediately and without any restrictions. The reason for choosing the internet for hotel advertising is its precision strike a target group on specialized websites, feedback to site visitors. Customers can even book the hotel online.


There are some disadvantages too such as it may not be suitable to reach specific groups of consumers – such as the elderly people and we can not talk about the standard price, that may in fact vary greatly across websites. Another major issue is inconsistent view of efficiency as often the ads are blocked.


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