10 Things You Should Put in Your ‘About Us’ Page

Posted on November 7, 2014

10 Things You Should Put in Your ‘About Us’ Page

10 Things You Should Put in Your ‘About Us’ Page

10 Things You Should Put in Your ‘About Us’ Page

What to say about myself? 

Are you starting to put up your website for your business and you don’t know what to put in your About Us page? Did you ever wonder what to put in this page? Or do you have an idea what you want except it doesn’t really seem proper (because your perceived “awesomeness” doesn’t translate well on print)?


Your About Us page is the second thing your customers will look at when they are on your website (first thing they look at is the product, of course).  Therefore, it is imperative that you give a good impression of your business in your About Us page.  This will be your greatest chance to showcase your business. Tell them about your history, abilities, skills, experiences and how you’ve touched other people through your product. Describe how your product is better than your competitor’s.


You have to make it right! Make it short and simple, yet have it attract attention. The main point is, your business description must be well thought off and it should tell how you can help your customer.


Make it about the customer. When people click on the “About Us” page, what they’re really looking for is something that’s “about them.” What are your customers’ needs? What solutions do you offer? Answer these and other questions your prospective customers are likely to ask.

1. What’s in it for me?

Your About Us page should answer this question of your customer. They are visiting your website because they want something for themselves. Therefore, you want your About Us page to indicate your product can give consumers what they need and that your product can resolve the issues they are having. If you’re able to provide a solution to their needs, then your prospects will more likely become customers.

Be truthful and Make it more personal

Be truthful and Make it more personal

2. Be truthful

You have to tell the truth about your product. Small businesses are sometimes better than the big ones as they are more personalized and customer service oriented. The quality of the product is also much better than the old timers. Provide facts stating that you have quality products; customer feedback is one proof you can show to potential customers.

3. Make it more personal

Writing your About Us page is most effective if you write it in first person voice. Make sure that you use ‘I’ as it will make an association with your prospects. Write your About Us page in a way that you are talking to your potential customers in person. Talk in a way that is informal yet passionate and you’ll surely attract your site visitors.

4. Introduce yourself

Your About Us page is not just about your product or your customers’ needs. It’s also about you! Don’t fail to introduce yourself and state a little bit about your personal life. This will gain more trust from your visitors.

5. Post pictures

The most important thing they need to see in your About Us page is your picture. In an online world, you don’t know who is telling the truth or not. Posting your pictures there just simply means that you are not afraid to show the people who you are and that you’re not hiding from any dark past that may ruin your credibility. Posting your picture will make it more personal and build trust.

Draw attention to your call-to-action button

Draw attention to your call-to-action button

6. Use keywords

Like any other website, your About Us page must contain targeted keywords to boost search engine visibility.

7. Draw attention to your call-to-action button

After your visitor sees what your business is all about, you should lead them where you want them to go next. It’s strategic to put your Instagram link or Facebook link and have them follow your pages.

8. Make a short video

It’s more enticing to see a short video on your About Us page. You can show a video about yourself or your product or any happenings behind the scene. It’s always more fun to see something moving and talking; not just all text or pictures.

9. Put yourself on your visitors’ shoes

When putting stuff in your About Us page, always think if your visitors will like it. You might be putting things in there that only you will like. Have a friend take a look at your site and get their comments and suggestions.

Put yourself on your visitors’ shoes

Put yourself on your visitors’ shoes

10. History

This you should not forget! Remember to put how your business all started. This is one thing visitors are looking after when they go to About Us page. They want to know how you came up with your product and what were the factors that made it happen.


One last advice is to proofread. It is always a must to proofread any written document, period. Get a friend to read through your page and ask for suggestion or feedback. It’s always good to see your work in someone else’s perspective. First impressions last, so if you About Us page is not appealing, chances are prospective customers might have that lasting impressions. So make your About Us page a one to remember.

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