Reach Your Target Audience Consistently in 11 Easy Ways

Posted on June 22, 2014

Reach Your Target Audience Consistently in 11 Easy Ways

hit the target audiance

hit the target audiance

Hit the mark!

It’s nice to have a good month. You know, that one when everything seemed to have worked splendidly – you have engaged customers and more importantly, those customers converted to sales. Unfortunately, not every business experiences these kinds of successes consistently. But there are ways to influence results. And that starts by being smart about the whole thing. Starting with—

1.       Consistency in Your Core Message

What is it that you want people to know about you? What is your brand? What is your core message?

Before you even name your blog, or create your product or service or even start writing posts, know the answer to those three questions first. This is what you need to communicate to your target audience. Nothing will alienate them more than a brand that doesn’t seem to know what it is.

target your customers

target your customers

2.       Figure It Out

How can you have a consistent core message?

  • Figure out your target audience – who do you want to reach and attract with your product?
  • What needs do you need to address? – What are your readers expecting from your blog and are you able to address those needs?
  • What’s your unstated message? – There are signs that proudly proclaim what they want the audience to do. These are called CTAs. But more than that, your blog needs to have a personality. One that runs through everything in the site and gives off more of a feel rather than a screaming proclamation.

3.       Repetition Works.

Determine Your Target Audience

Determine Your Target Audience

If you have a great message, then you can repeat it as much as you want with the target audience. Great brands like Coca Cola or Google advertise constantly. And you can benefit from doing the same. Some people may not have registered your brand in just the 1 or 2 ads they came across. Increase your chances of conversion by increasing the opportunities that they’ll see your ads.

4.       Keep your Design Simple

Choose a layout that’s simple, clean and uncluttered. Every design element should reflect your message to your readers. Pages that are easy on the eyes attract views, and design elements that remain true to the brand’s message lets your visitors know what they can expect.

5.       Write Good, Consistent Content

Visitors go to your site expecting to see what the same things they liked before. So use content that reflect those. However, that doesn’t mean your page has to stay stagnant. You can add stuff or even change things up as long as the core message isn’t lost or heavily altered.

6.       Spend Time Reading through Comments

People’s wants and needs are constantly changing. But there’s a way to find out how to adapt your products to the changes. And that’s by reading through comments. That’s where you can find out how your targets feel about your brand and how you can engage with them as well.

7.       Write Guest Posts

Guest post to drive traffic

Guest post to drive traffic

Writing guest posts establishes you as an expert in your field. And that’s important branding. So exploit all guest blogging opportunities and use it to further your audience reach. Just make sure you don’t lose your core message along the way.

8.       Ensure Consistent Email Marketing

Send emails to other bloggers, to your readers, to advertisers and whoever else you think could help you spread brand awareness, but these emails should always be in line with your brand’s core message.

9.       Utilize social media

Social media is an excellent way to introduce your brand to a new set of readers and strengthen your connections with your more established audience base.

Social media to get traffic

Social media to get traffic

10.   Check Other Blogs

The web is chockfull of bloggers. And getting some of them to link back to your post is internet gold! It adds traffic to your site and gets your brand out there.

11.   Stay True to Your Brand

It’s easy to keep changing your brand to adapt to what you think the current crop of commenters want from your brand. But if you are passionate about your product, then stay true to it. A good salesman can find ways to sell his products even to those who may not think they need it.

Staying consistent to your core message ensures that you don’t confuse your customers. And providing them with quality content that addresses their needs will keep them coming back for more and let you hit the mark consistently each time.

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