Things to consider when starting a blog – Ramnath Jk’s Checklist

Posted on August 1, 2013

Blogging checklist:

This is my first post. Hope to learn a lot in the time to come.


Why start a blog??

This should be the question to people who are not much into internet. Cost effective distribution of contents from individuals and businesses can be done through a blog. Rather than relying heavily on printing media blog gives you the power of the technology to put forth your content and build an audience around the topic of your choice.


Here is the list of considerations that are to be made when you start a blog so that you make the most out of the available resources.


1) Clear reason for starting a blog

Blogging is gonna involve a lot of hard work. You are not gonna attain results in a few days. You cannot do it for a week and let go. So answer this question first.


2) Your niche

What is your blog talk about? What is going to differentiate you from the fellow bloggers in your interests? Me too attitude will take you nowhere.


3) Selecting your blog name

If possible try to get the keyword in domain if not go for a brandable domain. I have seen people choosing domains that make no sense to the outsider. Make it as short as possible. Try to buy the domain rather than going for a free blogger website.


4) Get a good hosting

You don’t want to get stuck in the traffic when your customer wants you to meet. So choose a hosting considering the bandwidth in mind.


5) Setting up a site

I recommend WordPress. But there are many other content management systems like Drupal, Joomla


6) Choosing your plugins

Select the plugins based on the requirement that works well for your site.


7) Select your blog style:

  • Look and feel
  • Typeface and legibility
  • Blog navigation
  • Social sharing
  • Design-related content

blogging tipstips


8) About me page :

Have a unique about me page. Show them that there is a real person behind this blog.


9) Goal setting :

What is your ultimate goal creating a blog? Have a specific goal and reach towards it.


10) Write content for your ideal reader

Put yourself in the place of the reader. What do you expect from blogs? What are they like as people? What will attract them??


11) List your blog topics

What is your target? Consider the potentials of the columns. Think of your site as a magazine and specify columns for the site.


12) Keywords :

List about 10 to 20 keywords for your blog. Write at least an article for each keyword. This will narrow down the scope.


13) Calendar :

Use a calendar to plan the article posting. Make sure you meet its deadlines. Start posting few articles and speed up in the time to come. Also show consistency in publishing the blog posts.


14) Write blog posts

It may be time consuming at times. But the researching about the post takes more time.


15) Post title :

Create attention for the visitor. Make the topic title interesting to read.


16) Ideas :

Make a note of all the ideas that comes to your brain. This will help you not to miss out the ideas that struck you.


17) Core audience :

Keep in mind your core audience. Present the articles in a way they like them and share them.


18) Proofread :

Accept your mistakes. Have a friend to proof read all your contents so that there are no silly mistakes on the published article.


19) Optimizing blog post :

Include keywords in article and URL. Link between your blog and to the third party.


20) Think beyond text :

Blogs can include images, video, audio, presentations and PDFs. Make use of these formats.


21) Blog distribution :

Your work is not finished as soon as you post it in your site. Promote it in social media.


22) Blog metrics :

It keeps track of whether you are towards and achieving your goal.

These are few things to consider when starting a blog.



Now, Tell me which one is your favorite tip ??

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