Making Landing Pages Awesome in 8 Easy Ways

Posted on June 22, 2014

Making Landing Pages Awesome in 8 Easy Ways

awesome landing

awesome landing

If only everyone lands as awesomely…

If you haven’t been living under a rock in the last few years, then you probably heard of that American pilot who quite admirably landed his plane on the Hudson River. (Okay, I may be mistaken about the actual river, but it is a river. I saw the pictures.)

Why do I bring that up? Because it’s awesome, that’s why. The internet is home to a lot of awesome stuff, too. But is your landing page one of them? (See what I did there? I’m awesome at connecting otherwise unrelated stuff, ha!)

So, landing pages. That page where site visitors arrive at after clicking on your link or ad. What many people don’t realize, however, is the home page doesn’t necessarily have to be the landing page. In fact, many online marketers make that mistake. Why is it a mistake? Because landing pages specifically tailored to fit the targets’ needs have been proven to work so much better.

Keep the Landing Page short and simple

Keep the Landing Page short and simple

But don’t just take my word for it, awesome as it may be. Here I have ways to walk you through to making your landing page awesome, too and boost conversion rates. But before we do that, you must first know the following:

  • your goal
  • your competitors
  • your audience
  • how people get to your landing page

It’s hard to accomplish anything without a goal. That’s a fact. So before making a landing page, make sure you’re clear about your goals – what will visitors do on your page? Do you want them to buy, read, fill up a form, subscribe, tell you how awesome you are, what?

Landing pages Call To Action

Landing pages Call To Action

Then, of course, you have to go all Sun Tzu and know your enemies. Why? Because those are the dudes that will stop you from reaching your goals. So you have to know how you can do things better than them.

Then you have to know your audience, how else can you make them do what you want them to do if you don’t know what pushes their buttons?

And finally, how will you get people to your page and what does that tell them about you? It’s different reaching your page from say, Google as opposed to Facebook.

Now if you have those four sorted out, let’s make you an awesome landing page.

1.       KISS U

Yes, I made that up. No, it’s probably not original at all. It stands for Keep It Short, Sweet, Uncluttered. Your landing page should offer all the pertinent info to keep people interested, nothing more, nothing less.

Why is landing page design important

Why is landing page design important

2.      Create high-quality content.

Well-made content that adds value inspires confidence and trust. Make sure what you have is rich, useful and relevant. Anything other than that cheapens your page.

3.      Make it easy.

Great landing pages are easy to navigate. Visitors know where to enter and exit. But more importantly, from your end, you can limit these and make them go where you want by creating easy to use pathways and links.

4.      Design is important.

People are visual. If they see a page that’s clear and crisp and pretty, they tend to stay on it longer, allowing for time to sway them to the sale. But more than just looking good, a great landing page is also designed to answer questions without inspiring new ones. And conversions should be as easy as clicking on a readily seen button.

5.       Make clear CTAs.

You can go on and on about the benefits of your product. Without a call to action (CTA), those are just useless words. There should be no doubt in your landing page about what the next steps will be. Tell your visitors in big, bold text.

Make Visitor the king

Make Visitor the king

6.      Make the visitor king.

Sure, it’s okay to talk about your product, you’re trying to sell it after all. But you know what works better? Talking about how your product can benefit the visitor. You have to accept the fact that visitors don’t really care about you. They care about themselves. So make it about them and watch your sales skyrocket.

7.       Offer something amazing.

Because the easiest way to sell is to offer something no one else has, alright?

8.       Ask only for what you need.

Do you know how many times people drop off at the sales page because it keeps asking for more and more information? Don’t make that mistake. Make it easy, make it quick, include only what’s relevant on the forms.

There are many more great landing page best practices on the web. But the above should start you off the right track. Have fun!


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