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Posted on August 7, 2013



The evolution of social media has made it an integral part of marketing. It continues to be one of the crucial factors in terms of ROI.


A is for apps that is used on tablets and mobiles. It can also refer to the avatar of your social media.

Blog - ABC’s of social media marketing


B represents Blogging, which helps in publishing content. It is the core of social media.


C represents Comments that could be used for communication, tech support in fan pages to bring about drastic changes in your business.


D represents the Discussion Boards or the Forums. This is the best mechanism to communicate with the customers.


E is for E-mail or Engagement. E-mail marketing has always been a huge industry and has been effective so far in all aspects.


F is for Facebook, Friends and Fans. These helps you to build a loyal fan base for your product even if it takes time

facebook - ABC’s of social media marketing



G represents Google Plus and Games. Take advantage of the social media where games are integrated to give them the vale of entertainment.


H is for hiding, representing the silent majority of online community who observes your content but do not participate in the interaction.


I is for Identity and Influencer, who are responsible for others action be it positive and negative. Every marketer should spot them and use them to promote their business.


J is for Join. Join in the social media through invitation from friends and colleagues.


K represents Klout and Killer titles to attract people.


L is for LinedIn, the professional social media platform and Location based services like foursquare.

Linkedin - ABC’s of social media marketing

M represents Media, Micro blogging and Metrics. These help in providing us with different forms of target advertising.


N represents Nerds. These people help us with the problems that you face technically.


O represents online communities. How much ever small your niche is, there is always an active community who share your interests.


P represents Publishing, Privacy, Photos, Pod-casts and Presentation.


Q represents Q&A. Yahoo Answers and Quora is an example for these kind of sites.


R represents Ratings and Reviews, RSS feeds and Respect for your relationship.


S is tempting. S represents Social media optimization, Search Engine Optimization which help to finding your content through search engines.


T represents Trust, Twitter and Tumblr.Twitter - ABC’s of social media marketing


U  represents the User generated content which is shared in social media.


V represents Video and Viral. Users love to watch Videos. There are numerous platforms that can be used to take advantage of marketing using videos.


W represents WordPress, the powerful and popular blogging platform and Wikis.


X represents Xanga, the social blogging community and the X-factor of your Marketing program.


Y represents Youtube, the worlds second largest search engine.


Z represents Zynga, the company which has developed many popular games like Farmville and Mafia Wars on Facebook.


Is there anything that you would add up to these points about social media marketing ??


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