Structuring an Impressive and creative Social Media Proposal

Posted on November 13, 2016


Social Media Proposal

 Social Media Proposal


Businesses, both new and well-established, are increasingly discovering the benefits of having an active presence on social media as well as a thought-out social media strategy.

My story

The company for which I work was approached by a newly-established pet supplies store that also offered adoption and grooming services as well as retail. The owner was looking to alert the community to the opening of her new store, increase her visibility, and draw in as many customers as possible. Using the proposal structure explained below, we recommended that the owner focus on community engagement through promotionals, engaging content, and liberal use of the inherent “adorable factor” of pets (also known as the “who doesn’t like pictures and videos of cute animals?” strategy).

How to structure a social media proposal

The following is a basic outline for a social media proposal. Not every proposal will need every section described below and, of course, this template should be tailored to fit the exact needs of both your company and the potential client; however, this should give you a general idea of what a proposal should look like when completed. The content in the “Example” column is taken from the actual proposal for the pet shop owner described in the previous section, though names have been changed and the information generalized.


This should be a short section that gives the name of your company, the name of the potential client, and the intent of the proposal.


Lucky Media Management is pleased to submit Fuzzy Friends Pet Shop with the following social media marketing proposal. The intent of this proposal is to deliver a social media strategy that will increase the client’s visibility in the local community, attract customers, and increase revenue.

About Us

The “About Us” section should highlight your company’s qualifications, successes, reputation, and other things of that nature. You should also be sure to mention the types of services that your company provides Keep this portion of the proposal short.

Lucky Media Management employs a team of five social media experts who have a combined total of 20 years of experience in social media marketing. We have helped numerous local businesses get their start and are one of the most popular social media marketing firms in the state.

Industry Analysis

This section should show the client that your company is knowledgeable about the state of their industry. You will want to highlight the current trends and specifically mention how social media is influencing the market. This part of the proposal should also demonstrate your company’s deep understanding of social media and its potential to impact business.

Fuzzy Friends Pet Shop is located in a community where the pet supply industry is dominated by two national establishments who offer the same types of services as the client. Their social media presence is largely geared toward advertisements with very little attention paid to the individual communities in which their stores are located. Therefore, we believe that there is an opening in the market for a local establishment that is directly involved with the community and that encourages customer participation. We have observed that large portions of the community would rather buy from locally-owned establishments rather than large chain stores and advise that the client emphasize a “personal touch” with their social media presence.

Client Analysis

The client analysis should briefly discuss the client’s business as a whole (such as their place in the current market) and then delve into an analysis of their social media presence, identifying their weaknesses and strengths.

Fuzzy Friends Pet Shop is a new business with no current social media presence besides that of the store’s owner. Therefore, we will be working from scratch, building their social media strategy from the ground up.

Client Goals

Before you even start to write a proposal, you should be sure to speak with the client to get an idea of what they want to accomplish with their social media marketing plan. Do they want to increase their brand recognition, reach new demographics, increase their website traffic, etc.? You must have this information before you write this section. Once this information has been obtained, use the “Client Goals” part of your proposal to demonstrate your understanding of the client’s goals and desires, phrasing them in a succinct manner.

The client has stated that she wants to improve her store’s visibility within the community, attract new customers, and make a healthy profit.

Client Objectives

Objectives are more defined than goals. A goal may be “Attract more web traffic,” and the objectives may be “Create engaging content to attract more web traffic,” or “Implement stronger calls to action.”


  • Use creative and engaging promotionals to increase interest and encourage the growth of the customer base.
  • Create informational, text-based content for the store’s website in order to draw in more web traffic. This will include using SEO tactics.
  • Use pictures and videos to create visually interesting content on social media platforms that people want to watch and share in order to increase visibility
Structuring a Social Media Proposal

Structuring a Social Media Proposal

Target Audience

This section discusses the usual demographic and audience that your proposed social media plan typically attracts. Hopefully, the potential client will have given you an idea of who they would like to target so that you can tailor your proposal to that demographic.

This social media marketing campaign will be targeting the surrounding community, which is made of a mix of age groups and ethnicities, almost all of whom could be characterized as middle class or upper-middle class. The majority of households own a pet and have high-speed internet access.

Strategy & Tactics

This is the meat of your proposal, the part where you summarize your strategy and talk about the specifics of how each social media outlet will be used. This should be the longest part of your proposal, outlining a solid strategy and offering up creative and practical tactics.

As the owner is a well-known and well-connected member of the community, we propose that she use her personal social media accounts (she currently has Facebook and Twitter) to direct her numerous friends to the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts that we will set up, as well as to the actual site for her business.


We advise that Facebook be used in the following ways:


  • As a place to post pictures and videos of actual customers and their pets. For example, we believe that before and after grooming pictures will advertise grooming services, pictures of owners and their pets shopping together will encourage the image of a pet-friendly and laid-back atmosphere, and pictures of newly adopted pets and their new families will inspire others to adopt and share the heartwarming stories/pictures with their own social media accounts.
  • As a place to post promotional offerings. We suggest that the client hold weekly contests that encourage community participation and offer prizes such as free grooming services, gift cards for the store, and free products. Examples of contests that we believe would be effective include a “name that breed” challenge where the client posts a picture of a pet and the first person to correctly guess the breed of the animal in the comments section gets a prize, a contest where owners post pictures of their pets and the client chooses one that best fits specific criteria, such as “the pet that looks the most like a grumpy old man,” or “the pet that most resembles a famous figure.”


We advise that Twitter be used in much the same way as Facebook, though we suggest that the owner run different promotionals and post different content in order to encourage more traffic.


We suggest that Instagram be used purely for pictorial content, though we do advise that the client make sure the pictures are artsy, whimsical, and optimized to impress Instagram visitors.


We believe that YouTube should be used to post informational videos (such as discussions on dog breeds, or demonstrating how to groom a dog) as well as videos that would fall under the “adorable animals doing cute things” category that is so popular. The client could also have a recurring series where she introduces pets that are available for adoption.
Website: We propose to create engaging textual content that covers topics like pet-care basics, information on different animal breeds, tips and tricks for training a pet. We also plan to put the client in touch with some of our trusted freelance writers so that she can request new content whenever she needs it.


This section describes how your company will put the proposal into action and will also discuss social media maintenance. This part of the proposal should almost ALWAYS include a tentative timeline for the completion of social media objectives and goals.

We typically assign one person to each social media account/website, though we collaborate to make sure that finished social media marketing plan acts as a cohesive unit. Working in this fashion, a job of this size will be completed in three to four weeks, not counting the tutorial session.



This is where you summarize the benefits and intended results of your proposal. You will want to emphasize what a strong social media presence can do for the client.

By following these strategies and using these tactics, we believe that the client will be able to grow her customer base and become more visible within the community. Our goal is to enable the client to be able to compete with the larger national chains in the area. We think this can be accomplished by emphasizing community engagement.

Plans & Fees

If your company offers different plans for different levels of service and involvement, this is where you discuss those. Costs should be broken down and fully explained.

Social media account creation and initial implementation: $150 per account
Content creation: This price will be determined by the client’s specific instructions
Website creation: $1000
Tutorial session on how to take over the various accounts: $300

Payment & Conditions

This is a short section meant to discuss initial fees and outline a proposed payment structure

After the final cost has been calculated, the client will pay up to ½ of that amount up front and will pay the rest after completion of the job.


The last section of the proposal; it provides a place for the signatures of both parties and acts as an agreement between the two.

The client accepted our proposal, saying that she was impressed with our creative ideas for promotional content and informative content. The entire job was completed in a little under one month.

Because our staff is so small, we do not typically offer social media management services. Rather, we try to teach our clients how to run their accounts on their own, though we are available if they ever have any problems.

Important tips to remember

  • Do NOT give away your secret recipe.Your proposal should be informative and straightforward, but it should not give away so much of your strategy and techniques that the client is able to take those tactics and implement them on their own. The whole point of the proposal is to convince a business to hire your company, not dispense free how-to advice.
  • Do NOT neglect your formatting and DO check for errors. Your proposal should be easy to read and comprehend, with a clean and attractive formatting style. It should look professional and modern. Additionally, make sure that you check for grammatical mistakes, misspellings, and other errors.
  • Branding. Make sure your proposal is done on your business’s personalized letterhead
  • Keep it simple. State everything as succinctly as possible without shorting the client on information. Avoid using jargon that those unfamiliar with social media may not know and avoid run-on sentences.
  • Limitations. Be sure to include a statement such as “Proposed fees are valid through [DATE]. Fees, scope, and team subject to change as per the final agreement.”


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