12 Quick Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

Posted on December 14, 2014
split testing for conversion rate

split testing for conversion rate

I’ve talked about conversion rates before. Increasing your conversion rate means increasing your sales volume. And doing that gives your business stability and security.

Experts would tell you that a good goal is to increase sales by 30%. And that simply going from a 3% to a 4% conversion rate can give you a 30% increase in profits as well. But how can you actually do that? More ads maybe? Spending more time and money into expanding your market?

Don’t over think it already. I have made a list of 12 Tips to Increase Conversion Rates right here.

1. Split Testing

Split testing is another thing I talked about previously. It’s a method to increase your website’s conversion rate by trial and error. If you have 2 headlines for your webpage, try running a split test which one works better.

Try creating 2 different versions of your webpage:

Title A                                             Title B

30% Traffic                                                   30% Traffic

2000 Users                                                   2000 Users

Conversion Rate:                                     Conversion Rate:

20%-20 Sales                                              30%-30 Sales

It’s simple really. All you have to pay attention to is which version of the page generates more sales. Then that’s the one you use until it’s no longer effective. And then you do the test again. This is the best way for you to learn which titles/contents work best to your market.

boost website conversion for profits

boost website conversion for profits


2. Choose your poison.

Before thinking of spending money to purchase expensive software to run the split test, check out the free or cheaper ways to do it first.

For example, Google Analytics is free! The only con–it’s not real time and 2 different URLs are needed to run the test.

3. Make a substantial value proposition.

Remember, it’s highly likely you don’t have a 100% original product or service offering. That’s why you need to create a very attractive marketing statement that answers the important question: “Why would I buy from you?”

You should at least meet the value of your competitor but make sure that one of your elements is better than theirs.

Simple landing page layout for higher conversion

Simple landing page layout for higher conversion

4. Check your PACE.

It’s tempting to go full speed ahead. But you have to learn to step back a bit and build on what you have to offer firs. Keep these 3 words in mind: AWARENESS, INTEREST, SALE.

It is important that your prospects know what they are getting and why they should get it.

5. NO HYBRIDs, please!

Unfamiliar words alienate visitors because it can make them feel stupid for not knowing. Make your words CLEAR and SIMPLE. Flowery words may look good but 90% of internet users may just go to next link available.

6. Proper Rebuttals

Having an online offer is more difficult than other sales channels. First, keep in mind that no live person can address their questions right away. So what should you do? Having a simple Question and Answer column would be very helpful. Put all the answers for possible objections/questions like:

  • How your product can solve any issues they may have.
  • Lay down all your certificates, testimonials and other documentation that would lift your credibility.
  • Prove that your product is worth it!
Trust factor and conversion rates

Trust factor and conversion rates

7. Build TRUST

There are a lot of websites in the internet. You need to stand out and the best way to do that is to BUILD TRUST.

Make visitors aware that behind the website are real people, not someone who just happened to decide that they wanted a website. Putting a “contact us” link with your email address, telephone number and even physical office address are the greatest recipes. Make sure to include your operating hours to avoid them going through voicemail.

8. Avoid Loops!

If you are offering goods and services, don’t make it difficult for them to get your products. Again, simple and easy can make even grandpa click on your “BUY NOW” button.

9. Freebies!!!

Remember the saying, “The best things in life are free”? It’s true and tested. You don’t need to give away half of your profit. A simple, freebie like discounted shipping for more than $100 purchase may lead customers to buy.

10. Show proof

It’s easy to say that you have sold this and that. Show them what you got. Post all the testimonials and reviews from your customers. Nothing can beat that! Attach a short video about your product. Remember, make it short and informative. You don’t want them to end up dozing on while you’re talking.

11. Simple landing page layout

I know that it’s nice to look at those different fonts and colors. It doesn’t translate well to site visitors, though. Remove any irrelevant images that could create confusion for your prospects. Anything in your page that you think is not crucial must be taken off!

Bad landing pages equals ZERO conversion

Bad landing pages equals ZERO conversion

12. Offer a Guarantee

Closing the deal may not be easy. That’s because many still feel online shopping comes with a lot of RISKS. Give your prospects a guarantee that they would feel secure in some ways. Offering a “30-day money-back guarantee” is like a standard way of saying, “We can guarantee our product”!

Make your product stand out! It’s yours and make the most out of it!


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