The Best Ways to Utilize Social Media Template

Posted on October 26, 2013

Tips to Create Social Media Template

I started business two years before but soon I realized that concentrating only on direct marketing is not enough we need to work on Social Media Template also. Therefore I wished to get into the most powerful tool for business marketing – Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and the list of popular social networks goes on. But to think deeply about marketing – why can’t we try to create a press release and circulate it to social network followers? For this you must design a social media press release template that is also recognized by top search engines. Here I have listed few techniques which I followed to create a SEO friendly and media friendly PR.

  • Social media is a place for fun and relaxation. Thus the press release must not only be content oriented. You can also attach the links of relevant videos, Slideshare links and Pinterest profile links to each PR paragraphs. This will not only deliver the content easily to readers but also grab their notice towards your business. Therefore design a social media template including all these listed features.
  • The logo of the organization must also be social media friendly. Though I had medium sized logo, it doesn’t fit to upload in all social sharing sites like Instagram. Therefore I created my company logo in multiple sizes making it clearly visible to viewers.
  • Though you are designing a social media press release template, there must be professionalism since readers can become your customers. Therefore convey the press release content in simple, easy language with story in each paragraph. As I never liked my readers to get bored or annoyed reading my PR content, I included examples that clarify the content.
  • The social media template can contain proper headline that immediately drags readers to your website, subtitles to precisely say your content, quotes said by your CEO or chairman of organization about the topic, links from Pinterest or any other social sharing sites, contact info, share it widget, product links etc. Ensure whether your press release template has got all the features listed above.
  • I usually link all the press releases in news room of my website. But later I started sharing it in Twitter and Facebook, as my friend suggested. This will show your Twitter and Facebook followers that you are tech savvy and handle active business marketing. You can also tweet the press release topics. But remember don’t do this often as there are chances for your Twitter followers to get annoyed easily. Tweet one press release post per day and make it reachable to followers’ hand.
  • I used to get queries about the PR events in social media. Followers or clients might ask details about the product which I mentioned in PR. Thus I allocated time to answer to those queries. When the readers’ doubts are clarified, they get clear picture about the product or service you handle which paves way for happy deal in business.

By following this social media release template for all your PR releases you can be easily recognized by public.


Social Media Calendar Template

Social Media Calendar Template

How to Get Perfect Social Media Calendar Template

Before getting into the procedures to create a social media calendar template, you must know the importance of it. When I started the website, I got only lesser traffic but after the launch of my website blog, the traffic was raised. It is because people need to know the latest information or news online. They search the content to update their technical skills or to cope up with daily routines. Thus I also created content calendar to structure my content schedule due to which I can easily track the readers’ interest and offer timely content updates.

How to get started?

Initially it may be annoying to offer valuable content since every web owner might be in dilemma whether they offer good content or not (as like me). But when you think how to offer content that is really engaging and makes readers to interact, it becomes straight forward task. Using social media calendar template you can establish your goal(s) of business, highlight the dates of events or client meetings or product promotions, create ad campaigns and you can also figure out the social media strategy that works well for you.

Via social media template you can also focus on your business target audience and make your brand popular. For instance, I made a research on hot trendy topics that is frequently tweeted by people, prepared content relevant to those topics and circulated it in social sharing sites. This rapidly boosted the readers visit to my blog and website. Thus, calendar template can be used to highlight such content topics and dates to publish it online. Some niche contents might be time oriented. For example, cricket updates must be given after every match. If it is published after a week or so, the content receives only less or no readers for it.

Tips for Designing Social Media Calendar Template:

  • Though I have profile accounts in Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter, I cannot handle the same content posting techniques in all the social networking sites. The way of popularizing the content differs for each network niches. Hence initially I identified the content posting techniques for each site. Later I entered the publishing dates in my calendar template. This will surely reduce the burden of remembering every publishing task.
  • You can notice the content performs based on content posting dates. The image that is shared in Facebook on Monday gets few likes but if the same image is posted on any other days, it swears to give greater likes. Via calendar template you can also plan ahead of posting dates. Tracking the day part (Morning or Afternoon or Night or Late night) is also available in calendar template. As said previously some content requires online update immediately after the happening to grab more readers. For instance, if you are preparing content about the storm that happened last night, the content must be updated as early as possible.

Therefore remember all the above said tips while designing and planning for perfect social media calendar template.


Social Media Page Template Marketing

Social Media Page Template Marketing

Social Media plan PowerPoint Template – Tips to Create It

PowerPoint presentations gained popularity and it is almost loved by everyone. I found out that promoting the products via social media friendly PPT templates was effective and also simple. Via PowerPoint, people can grasp the content easily in crisp manner. Instead of reading several paragraphs, they can spend some time in taking quick notice about the highlighted contents. In this way it saves businesses as well as customers’ time. But finding out the right social Media PowerPoint template is necessary since it is the base where you should drive your business content. If the template is not appealing or if it contains any unwanted content, it leads to PPT template marketing failure.

To create a perfect looking PPT template, I will start up in selecting the suitable template, font size, font style, color etc. Later by following the do’s and don’ts, I easily achieved the target.

Do’s to get Good Social Media PowerPoint Template:

Sharing the digital profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest profiles) on first page of PowerPoint presentation is best method to hold customers view. When these details are shared in last slide, there are chances for people to leave it without notice. Since your goal is to make readers view your digital profiles, it must be reachable to their hands. Moreover the first slide must stay for some time which assists viewers to take mobile photos or note down the links details. When I share my presentation in social media, I usually upload the first page in Pinterest or in Twitter. My profile links are bit longer hence to make it notable I used shortening links techniques and later included it in presentation for bringing better social media PowerPoint template marketing.


Social Media Press Release Template

Social Media Press Release Template

There may be hundreds of presentation shared online on daily basis. To make your presentation look unique, you must follow standard format. The slides must fit the template and content must have proper formatting. To make my brand popular, I usually include my profile name in footer pages of presentation. If you think this technique works well for you then carryout in every presentation. Create presentation that has key points in tweet able length (i.e. 140 characters or so). Therefore you can tweet the key points on Twitter to enhance social media page template marketing.

It is always not possible to put in all the stuffs in single presentation. There may be continuation hence guiding the readers to get further details is most important instead of leaving them blank. You can also share video links such as YouTube channel profile name, website URL and contact address (if you wish) in the final page of presentation.


It is merely waste to prepare a presentation that lacks in keywords when you want it to get highlighted in search engine ranking results. Some handle social media PowerPoint template ppt  marketing very rarely. If there is large gap between presentations sharing to the other, then the profile followers will forget about your business. Hence try to post at least one post per week.


Guidelines to Prepare Social Media Template

When I started my food industry business, I thought whether social media marketing will guide to drive more customers. I was in dilemma whether or not to use social networking sites to get the attention of repeated customers as well as to gain new clients. But before three years, I decided to handle social networking too to raise my business profit and I realized that social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are great marketing spot that bridges the gap between target customers and entrepreneurs. But proper formatting is required in all places. When media is handled with perfect social media template then achieving success is easy.

Do you know that media templates is of different types? It can be social media press release template or social media calendar template or social media PowerPoint template. Figure out the technique through which you wish to perform social media marketing. Here comes the questions that you must ask yourself to create a proper media template.

  1. Is social media marketing suitable for my business? Not everyone prefer social networking. But for almost every business, social media is right path to travel. Check whether you are completely involved in media marketing strategies or whether you have second opinion. I was also confused and asked this question several times before entering into marketing techniques.
  2. Secondly, you must know why do you require social media template for marketing? It provides proper structure of marketing. You may use multiple social sharing sites and tend to forget to utilize any one of it due to time constraints. But because of proper time schedule in calendar template you can stay active participant in all the networks. Moreover the template helps in satisfying your goal(s) however you must set proper goals ahead of using social media network.
  3. Who will be my target customers? Some small scale business owners fail to set their target audience and do business randomly. Eventually the business get collapsed because of it. Therefore when you think to start a business, immediately you should also track who will be your target customers too. Focusing on those group of people is easy via social media. For instance, if you sell greeting cards, your target people might be teenagers and people in between 20 to 27 approximately. Hence you can specify the age limit in Facebook ad campaigns marketing.
  4. What should I tell them about my products? Manufacturing the products is different from marketing that product. Though you are the manufactures, you may have tough time to speak about that product. Hence you must have clear picture about what you like to speak with customers. Social media template helps in achieving this easily.

Finally you must also be clear with: content creation for marketing products, frequency of posting the products descriptions in social media, social sharing sites that you are going to use for business and how to track the performance of the marketing techniques using performance tracking tools. A good social media template must have answers for all these.

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